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Quincy Oil-injected Screw Air Compressor QGSV
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Quincy Oil-injected Screw Air Compressor QGSV

If you’re looking for a highly efficient 10-60 hp compressor, the Quincy QGSV can meet your needs. Featuring the most advanced rotary screw air compressor technology, the QGSV serves as a reliable source of compressed air for a wide range of industrial applications. The QGSV is equipped with a specially designed drive that controls and adjusts the operating speed. This offers a number of benefits, including delivering more constant pressure, protecting against power surges, lowering energy consumption, and will have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.
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Product Description

Quincy QGSV Key Features

If you’re like many business owners, you’re looking for reliable compressed air equipment that delivers maximum efficiency and reduces your company’s operating costs. The QGSV Series from Quincy Compressor will meet your expectations.

These technologically advanced direct-drive compressors can automatically control and adjust the machine’s operating speed to match the application’s requirements, delivering more consistent pressure and minimizing energy consumption.

Examples of the many valuable QGSV features and benefits include:

  • 10-60 hp capacity to meet a wide range of power requirements.

  • Powerful, efficient TEFC motor.

  • Quiet enclosure that limits noise output to as low as 64 dBA.

  • Flexible Airlogic2 Controller options for simplified monitoring and control.

  • Remote control and connectivity for a more flexible operating process.

  • Expansive turndown capacity range of 20%-100%.

  • Direct-drive transmission that reduces energy consumption and minimizes maintenance requirements.

  • 120-gallon horizontal air receiver and integrated dew point refrigerated air dryer as options.

The QGSV rotary screw compressors are well-suited for partial-load operating environments and when maximum efficiency is essential. They also perform well in highly sensitive applications in normal operating conditions.






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